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Chihuahua Peace and Dignity proposed Run

West Inland – Nevada Route

Eagle and Condor

Condor Route

Central America

Route Split 3 ways

Eagle Route

Oregon Route

Peace & Dignity SCHEDULE IN OREGON 2016 Don’t know who is coordinating in Cowlitz Thursday, June 16         Portland from Cowlitz, Delta Park Pow Wow                                                                                     53 miles  Friday, June 17            Grand Ronde Res. PowWow Grounds off Hebo Rd                                                                         ...

Self Help Graphics

Arriving in evening Friday July 15 2016 Self Help Graphics 1300 East 1st Street Los Angeles, CA 90033

Southern California

Peace and Dignity Journeys Southern California- Arizona Inland From July

South America Run News

Peace and Dignity Website with running News

Barrio Run

POZOLADA & BARRIO RUN THIS SUNDAY! Peace & Dignity Journeys L.A Barrio Run & Pozolada Sunday, May 29th, 2016, 10am From Belvedere Park to La Conxa in Boyle Heights You can join the run starting at Beleverde Park /East LA Civic Center or just head to La Conxa for the pozolada starting at 10am. We invite you to either of both! 9:30am – Meet Up, Protocol, Discussion at East LA Ci...